Connecting to the Seeeduino Stalker

A few weeks ago, Seeed Studio were celebrating their anniversary with a bunch of limited offers. Among other things, I acquired a pair of Seeeduino Stalkers v1.0 with an Atmega 168. Unfortunately, the serial interface on those boards is not labeled. So it took me a while to figure out how to connect the FTDI breakout board. With a small adapter board, programming the Stalkers with the Arduino IDE now works like a charm. (Select board type “Duemilanove w/ 168”.)

2 thoughts on “Connecting to the Seeeduino Stalker

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  2. You have to make it TX to RX and RX to TX. On FTDI friend DTR goes to DTS. I used IDE version 22 and Arduino Pro 3v as the board. The example programs don’t work and I downloaded serveral library files. I’m not sure if there is an onboard temperature sensor. I would just pay for the newer versions even though the old ones are on sale.

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