SyncFix64 Prototype

After the encouraging results of my first attempt to fix the composite signal from a C64, so that the cheap TFT monitor could display it, I shared the idea on Forum64 to double-check and get some feedback. Consensus seems to be that the circuit at least won’t hurt the video source. Since, in addition to that, it seems to be working for me, I decided to design a board for it in KiCAD.

The goal was to make it so small that it would fit inside the display’s case alongside the display controller, so I went for all surface mount components. To get immediate results, I created a single sided layout and etched the board myself using the toner transfer method.

Soldering the components to the finished board proved a little challenging, cramped as it was, without a solder mask layer. But it turned out fine and it fits inside the case easily. The display had two separate input lines to begin with, so now I’ve got one fixed for my old C64 and a second “regular” one to choose from.

Update: The KiCAD project including schematics and a preliminary board layout is available on Github now.



3 thoughts on “SyncFix64 Prototype

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  2. I have more or less two Dell fbP 2007 monitors. I’m thinking this would help with them being compatible to my Commodore 64. But I would rather buy this item from you instead of building it myself. I do solder but I can’t stop my hands from shaking and I’ve never soldered an IC. You see?

  3. Yes, I understand what you are asking. Unfortunately though, I am not selling any assembled modules, sorry. International shipping would probably be far too expensive anyway.

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