C64 Mainboard Assy No. 250425 “Repair”

Repairing the old Commodore C64 a few months back was a lot of fun and I learned much about the old machines in the process. Now I wanted a new challenge and so I bought a C64 motherboard Assy No. 250425 on eBay. The board came without case, keyboard or any other accessories and it was advertised as “defective”. No other description besides “as depicted”.

When I received the board, it actually seemed to be in a physically good condition, I had seen much worse. So I cleaned it a little more using Isopropanol, hooked it up, and tried to turn it on. What a disappointment! The board seems to be working just fine! Nothing to repair at all.

One thought on “C64 Mainboard Assy No. 250425 “Repair”

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