Unboxing the DSO Nano

On Friday, I received a late Christmas present to myself: after about 4 weeks of travel, my DSO Nano finally arrived! A long time, but that’s alright, it didn’t take much longer than I had expected. Also, the current weather conditions are not really fit to speed up delivery times.

The oscilloscope and the few other parts I had ordered were well packaged and thus arrived in excellent condition. Seeed even replaced the spare probes I had ordered with the adapter I would have liked instead, just as they promised. Unfortunately, my time is somewhat limited right now, so I can’t get to thoroughly trying out my new toy right away. All I managed yesterday, was to install the battery and to turn on the DSO. So far, everything seems to be working fine.

Oh, I really like the white box that the DSO is packaged in. Very professional!

Fixed Weave Sync Again

After I upgraded my Weave server to API version 1.0, syncing my bookmarks between browsers no longer worked alright. At first, I didn’t really notice because Weave Sync still seemed to work but just not — well, just not always. Fuzzy symptoms that kept me from investigating for some time.

Then, almost by accident, I noticed Jason Frisvold’s post on the mozilla-labs-weave group. He describes exactly the same problems I was having and points to the solution: when I upgraded the user API database table I missed the necessary changes to the WBO table. Most notably, the column containing the modification time of an object has been changed from

`modified` decimal(12,2) DEFAULT NULL


`modified` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL

This resulted in all my bookmark records having a modification time of 9999999999.99 which explains why the syncing would no longer work as expected.